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Marka Techie, a leading virtualized security provider, is committed to providing virtualized security services. Virtual SIEM, Virtual IDPS, and Virtual Firewall services are all our specialties. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the most recent cyber threats and innovations. Protect your network and sensitive data by employing the finest possible service.

Virtual Firewall services

Virtual firewalls are software-based firewalls that are deployed on virtual machines or in cloud environments. They block incoming and outgoing traffic based on preestablished security regulations in order to protect networks. A network security system that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predefined security rules is a firewall. It can be hardware- or software-based. Virtual firewall services are software-based firewalls that run on virtual machines or in cloud environments. They may be easily deployed and managed, making them a cost-effective alternative to costly hardware-based solutions.

Virtual IDPS

An IDPS system is a security system that monitors a network for illegal entry. Network traffic is scrutinized and analyzed to identify patterns that identify known attack designs. Additionally, it can also detect and combat emerging threats by identifying unusual activities or behaviors on the network. IDPS systems utilize a range of detection methods, including signature-based approaches, which look for known attack methodologies, and anomaly-based approaches, which look for unusual or abnormal activities.

Virtual SIEM

A SIEM (virtual security information and event management) is a security management system that collects, stores, and analyses security-related data from several sources. It provides a central view of security violations and helps organizations respond to them in real time. The SIEM collects data from various sources, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and operating systems, and then analyzes and connects it to identify security problems. Security analysts can search, filter, and query the data to quickly locate and respond to problems.


In the past year, we have been using the virtual security incident management service. It has been a game changer for our security operations. Using a centralized view of security incidents has enabled us to quickly and effectively respond to potential threats.
Network's virtual firewall service has been a dependable and effective solution for protecting our network from a variety of cyber threats. Marka Techie staff is also extremely responsive and helpful in setting up and managing firewall rules.
Virtual IDPS service has been a great addition to our network security. We can detect and prevent unauthorized access to our network in real time thanks to this service.

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